CEO Haruhiko Hashizume

The Asama Piston continues making car piston and will pass in 25 years.
Our company is located in “Sakudaira”. There is Asama-Yama in Sakudaira.
Asama-Yama which is also a company name shows a grand figure in the four seasons.

In order to manufacture at the place of such rich nature,naturally it is necessary to consider environment.
Moreover,the employee who works there needs to take pride,to be satisfied and to make a product as a premise of Customer satisfaction.
Otherwise,it is sure that it is impossible for me to get a customer to be satisfied.

The Asama Piston values such natural environment and workplace environment,and responds to customer needs and reliance.

Company Data
Company Name Asama Piston Co,Ltd.
Location 238 Yawata ,Saku City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan    ZipCode:384-2106
President & CEO Haruhiko Hashizume
Business Manufacturing Piston for internal combustion engine.
All process of manufacture-(Molding, Heat-treatment, Machining, Surface treatment, Ring set)
Capital 50 million yen
The establishment March, 1986
The number of employees 120 people
Factory Site 14,016 ㎡
Factory Area 5,701 ㎡
Productive Capacity 500,000pcs/month
Customer ART Metal MFG Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.
Toyota Motor Corporation.
Nissan mechanic machine Co., Ltd.
Yamaha motor power product Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,Ltd.
Kubota Corporation.
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.
Acquisition qualification
1998 ISO9001/JQA2687
2006 Authorized factory for Dangerous materials handling.
2006 Authorized factory for Comfortable workplace.
2008 A prize for Prevention of global warming activity by Minister of the Environment.
Authorized factory of Solar Power Genaration System.
2009 A Prize for Promoting of Safty Driving Management by Nagano Police Head Office.
(Gold medal receiving)
2011 A Declaration of Child Care Assistance.
2013 A Declaration of Child Care Support by the employee.(Nagano Prefecture)
Corporate complete view
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